Canoeing in the Spreewald
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Canoeing on the streams and rivers around Lübbenau

Four rental stations providing approximately 200 canoes, kayaks and paddle boats are available at and around the Lübbenau ports. Maps and advice as well and you are good to go!

Individual excursions into the depths of the Spreewald with a canoe are becoming increasingly popular and in demand. Especially larger groups should book well in advance. Unlike boat trips provide the non-guided canoe tours provide our guests with a real challenge because the rivers and streams form a confusing and sometimes changing network. It happens time and again that too bold canoeists get lost in the quasi-jungle of the Spreewald and have to be searched for by nightfall!

And the heroine of our small Spreewald-tale?

After the boat trip the day before Mirko and I were looking for a new adventures. While Katja and Daniel set out on a cycling trip in Cottbus we checked in for some canoeing. We were lucky enough to snag an available canoe especially one coming from Lübbenau family production which was explained to us quite proudly. I was admittedly a bit tense because I had rashly taken responsibility for our route - what if we got lost?

But everything went well. We glided slowly along the streams. Initially we were still on the larger arms of the river and shared the track with the "Spreewaldkahn but gradually it turned more quiet, and finally we did not even see any other canoes. First bustling Spreewald tourism and all at once ow everything was quiet. We were alone in the world...

No - not quite alone! The more time passed the more the sounds of nature penetrated into our consciousness. It buzzed and chirped and trilled all around us, blades of grass on the shore would move suddenly every now and then you could hear the splash of a frog or a lively fish, great blue and green iridescent dragonflies cuting through the air with their jagged trajectories.

In a decidedly cautious movement Mirko raised his hand and pointed into the thicket on the shore. Then I saw it: a bright blue and rust-red color amidst the surrounding greenery. "Tjiii" came his sharp, excited reputation, and the colorful blob rose into the air and flew away. A kingfisher! In my eyes he was as beautiful as a hummingbird.

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